Classroom News


 Winter Uniform Tips

  • Wear your boots, bring your sneakers!  Students must have sneakers on during the school day. We have benches and chairs just inside the school doors for the students to sit and change their shoes upon arrival in the morning. There are boot trays in our classroom closet so our snow boots can dry out during the day before we put them back on at dismissal!
  • Chilly in the classroom?  Make sure to bring your red St. Ambrose Academy fleece! These are the only warm layers allowed in school. If you do not have one, consider contacting Stitchworks to purchase one or wear a long-sleeved black, white, or red shirt underneath your uniform polo shirt.
  • P.E. uniforms are for P.E. days!  Please make sure that you are keeping your black P.E. sweatpants and red P.E. t-shirts and/or sweatshirts for our P.E. days (Monday and Wednesday) only! On Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays, students are expected to wear their dress uniforms- black dress pants, skirts, or jumpers with the red or white SAA polo shirt.
  • Black vests are required for Mass days!  The black SAA sweater vest is a required part of our uniform, and should be kept in the classroom or sent in with students for every Mass day.


Catholic Schools Week is January 31st through February 4th!

We are so blessed to have each other at St. Ambrose Academy! We are truly one big family, and this is our week to shine! Our planning team (Miss Shea and Mr. Pitnell) have put together a week of super-fun activities for the whole school to help us celebrate each other, our Catholic Faith, and our entire school community.

MONDAY: whole-school edible craft project, afternoon movie & popcorn (wear P.E. uniform!)
TUESDAY: ‘BEE the reason someone smiles today!’ (wear yellow & black for a whole-school photo op!)
WEDNESDAY: service project for Lollipop Farm, ice cream sundaes after lunch (wear red, white & blue for the start of the Winter Olympics!)
THURSDAY: School Mass with Bishop Matano at St. Ambrose Church (wear dress uniform, including black vest!)
FRIDAY: 5th grade vs Faculty volleyball game (wear your favorite sports team attire!)

If you have any questions about the activities or dress code for the week, please reach out to Mrs. Harris or to the main office!



Our 2nd graders will continue to have homework every night except for Fridays! We are working on putting together a small agenda for each student so they can write down their homework and keep track of Homework will come home in the blue Take-Home folders every night, and should be returned in the same folder each morning. Homework is important for students to practice the skills they have been taught in class, as well as a simple way to help teach responsibility. Homework should not take more than 20 minutes each evening, in addition to the 20 minutes of nightly reading. If your student cannot find the homework or leaves it in school, check the ‘Homework‘ page on our webpage to download a new copy!